What is the best lens we can use?

What is the best lens we can use?
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What is the right lens we should use in photography and in life? A National Geographic photographer showed me the way. Normally, we live, as they say “killing a lion a day”, “running after the crisis”, and so on… the truth is that we do not stop and there are few moments that we reflect about the real value of each tiny thing that surrounds us. And sometimes we see and hear words or images that open our minds, open our eyes to what’s really important!

Many years ago I watched a short 20-minute talk by the National Geographic photographer, Dwitt Jones. And as he says (and you will understand): I changed lenses! Yes, those 20 minutes made me change my perception of photography and perspective on life, even in the most difficult moments. Below I share this lecture! Watch and enjoy these great teachings!

What is the best lens we should use in photography and in life?

Dewitt Jones’ Creativity teaches a startling truth about creativity – that it is not a magical and mysterious occurrence, but a ready-made tool that allows you to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary.

Dewitt Jones is a professional photographer in the United States, writer, film director and public speaker, known for his work as a freelance photojournalist for National Geographic. He produced and directed two Academy Award-nominated films: Climb (1974), nominated for Best Short Live Action, and John Muir’s High Sierra (1974), nominated for Best Documentary Short. And he has also published several books.

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