How to recover blurred photos?

It is very frustrating when we take a photo and it is slightly blurred or shaky. And the saddest thing is that we usually don’t have another opportunity to take the same photo. So, we ask ourselves: will it be possible to recover blurred photos? Of course yes.

On the internet, several ways are suggested, but the one we found that is the most efficient and easy to do so is through the Remini application. It incredibly increases the quality of the photos, and with one more detail: you know that old photo that you can barely see people’s faces? Remini can recover old photos with excellent results.

recover blurred photos

The app is available for free download for both Android and iOS. However, in the free version, you will only be able to do three recoveries per day. It is very easy and simple to use it. See the steps below:

1. Install Remini on your mobile

Link to download on Android and Link to download on iPhone

2. When you open it, tap “skip” to skip the intro. After that, choose the “Sign In” option to create an account.

Signing up on Remini is free. After creating or logging in with your Facebook or Google account, log in.

3. Select “Enhance”. Once this is done, select one of the photos from your gallery that you wish to recover from blur, trembling or an old image.

Click the red button and wait for Remini to recover the photo. Generally, as we are using the free version, “annoying” ads will appear, but you can close it after about 15 seconds. But it’s part of it and not a big hassle at all. A few seconds later, the result of the recovery or restoration will appear with the “Before / After” option. Note that the screen is split in half and you can drag and move the cursor to increase or decrease the view of the Before and After areas, which makes it much easier to compare the results. At the bottom of the app, it is still possible to choose a close-up of the image and closely assess the recovery of the details. Although you can manually zoom in by touching the screen with two fingers with the open movement.

recover blurred photos
Remini App: recover blurred photos
App that recovers blurred, shaky or old photos

4. With the recovered photo, you can download the image.

Notice that on the upper right side of the screen there is a button in the shape of an arrow pointing down. Click this button to download the recovered or restored photo. You will find it in your gallery after downloading it.

Well, we hope you like this app tip and take advantage of Remini to recover your blurry, shaky or old photos quite successfully!

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