3 Free Apps to Scan Negative Films

3 Free Apps to Scan Negative Films

Many people and photographers still keep or own negative film. And one problem that everyone faces is the difficulty in converting all this material into digital files. There are few photo labs in the country that still offer the service of scanning negatives. However, with the advancement of apps, great alternatives have emerged for you to scan all your material easily, quickly and for free. We’ve selected 3 great free apps for you to download and test:

1. Google PhotoScan

Google PhotoScan has a simple and straightforward interface. It digitizes your photos eliminating or reducing the common glare excess in the photo capture process. When scanning, Google PhotoScan asks you to position the photo within a frame before pressing the shutter button. PhotoScan takes five images and stitches them together, correcting perspective and eliminating glare. It takes about 25 seconds to scan each photo. The nice thing about PhotoScan is that, unlike many other apps, it maintains a very good quality/sharpness, despite the tendency of photos to be a little overexposed. Watch the Google PhotoScan explanatory video below:

To install, access: iOS System | Android System

2. Photo Negative Scanner

Photo Negative Scanner uses your phone’s camera to do the real-time conversion of photo negatives into digital images. Think of it as a magical magnifying glass that you can use to view film negatives. Instead of seeing the inverted colors of a negative color, you will see the original photo.
Press the capture button to capture a sharp digital image ready to be shared with friends and family.

The quality of your scans is determined by your phone’s camera and the light source used to light your negatives. So find a good way to brighten your photographic film. A quick fix is to use a laptop, phone or tablet with a white screen. Set the device to maximum brightness. Even better results can be achieved using a light table. Only compatible with Android system. Click here to access Photo Negative Scanner on Google Play.

3. PictoScanner

PictoScanner is designed to scan photos with its own box. But creating a similar box can also be a project of this quarantine. The working method is explained in the video below. In addition, after scanning the photos, many parameters can be adjusted, such as colors, brightness, contrast, among others. To install, access: iOS System | Android System

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